Who is John O'Kelly?

Picture of John O'Kelly

I've been renting apartments in New York for over 20 years. I do not play games or use tricks. Everything I say about an apartment in an ad is true. All of the pictures you see in my ads are from the apartment listed or from the sidewalk in front of the building. I do not believe in ridiculous sales pitches.

It is my belief that if an owner wants a quality tenant, they must give me an asking-rent that will draw them to my ad over thousands of others. I don't want to rent you one apartment, but every apartment you'll ever rent, and to your friends as well. The only way I'll do that is with honesty and integrity.

I really try to help people connect with what is the right apartment for them. I listen to what you are hoping for and will tell you right up front if I have it unlike others that try to convince you to make a quick decision you will later regret. I work mainly with simpler walk up and less expensive apartments and still believe New York City is where you come to take yourself as far in your career as you can go. It is a very tough place to make it, but hope I can help you find a place you feel good about coming home to.

I honestly believe that I can help you better if we speak. Please call me if you can.


John O'Kelly